Cut out without hands

   It seems that Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, having just besieged Jerusalem—something that
occurred quite frequently in those days—had a dream which he summoned his soothsayers to not only
interpret for him but to tell him the very dream itself, for he had forgotten it.  All he could remember of
it was that it troubled his spirit so much that it woke him from his sleep.   Yet he could not remember
the dream, so he summoned all the wise men of Babylon to remember it for him and interpret it.  When
they could do neither, he was so furious that he commanded that they all be destroyed, along with
Daniel and his fellows, Shadrach, Mishach and Abednego, formerly known by the names,  Hananiah,
Mishael and Azariah, respectively.  To Daniel was given the name “Belteshazzar.”    Of course Daniel,
who had not as yet had his chance at the dream,   came to the king and did indeed  tell  him his dream
as well as its interpretation.  This pleased the king, who then acknowledged that Daniel’s God was
truly “a God of  gods, and a Lord of kings, and a revealer of secrets,”  so he showered Daniel with many
gifts and made him ruler over all the governors of Babylon.  He also placed Daniel’s fellows over the
affairs of the province of Babylon,  with its hanging gardens, one of the “seven wonders of the world.”
[Babylon, as you will recall, is now Iraq and Persia is Iran.  The image we hold in consciousness of
government, of our economy, and of our way of life, is crumpling, and it is manifesting as a last-
ditch effort on the part of the collective human ego to survive, or at least stave off its inevitable
and ultimate demise. The story as I use and interpret it here isk as I sadi, remarkably pertinent to
the times and worth republishing here. It's a bit of a read, but a most engaging and captivating

    The dream itself was of a great image that was fashioned of various ores.  His head was made of fine
gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, his legs of iron and his feet,
interestingly enough, were made with a mixture of iron and clay.  What likely troubled king
Nebuchadnezzar so was what happened in his dream to this image when a stone, “cut out without
hands,” smote the image upon its feet.  The feet mixed with iron and clay crumbled and the whole
image came tumbling down and all that the image was made of—the gold, the silver, the brass and the
iron mixed with clay—was blown away by the wind so that nothing was left of it anywhere.  But the
stone became a great mountain which filled the whole earth.

   Daniel interpreted the dream as a prophetical outworking that would see the rise and fall of several
empires, including Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian empire, which Daniel said was represented by the
head of gold.  There would be other empires to come after the Babylonian empire, such as the Persian,
the Grecian and Roman empires.  All would rise and fall.  The stone  represented the kingdom of Daniel’
s “God of heaven” which would be established during the reign of these kings and would remain to fill
the whole earth after these other kingdoms had passed away.  This, of course, related to the  Nation of
Israel which came up largely right under the noses of the rulers of these empires.

   This may also be seen as relating to any spiritual body of people who are drawn together by love to
give collective presence of and expression to the Spirit of God.  Such gatherings start out very small and,
to the extent they are consistently true to their purpose in spirit, bring a powerful focus of spirit to bear
in human consciousness that has the ability to bring about change in the collective body of humanity
and in the natural world.

   King Nebuchadnezzar, for whatever reason, was not content to simply heed the message of his dream.  
He had a ninety by nine foot statue, or “image of gold,”  erected “in the plain of Dura, in the province of
Babylon” (Daniel 3:1).   Now Babylon was a province, or state—a collective, in other words, of many
cities.  In the Bible whenever a city or state is mentioned it may be seen as a metaphor for consciousness,
so that Babylon could be seen here as relating to the collective consciousness of humanity in which the
human mind plays a focal role.  The mind is historically thought to be anchored within the brain.  As I
mentioned above, it was considered at one time to be the origin of thought.   So I think its interesting,
if not significant, that this “image of gold” was erected in the “plain of Dura” somewhere in Babylon.   
The word “Dura,” as we saw above, is also used to identify the outer protective membrane of the brain
and spinal chord.

   In other words, this image could be seen as representing an image of gold held in the human intellect,
gold representing love and what gold brings, namely power, as well as abundance and wealth. To
Nebuchadnezzar this image of gold represented his many gods and the gifts of wealth and plenty these
gods had bestowed upon him and his empire.    Having erected this gigantic idol, he commanded that,
upon hearing the sound of the “musick,”  everyone, under penalty of death in the fiery furnace, should
fall down and worship the golden image.

   As the story goes, it was reported to the king that Daniel’s three companions were not obeying his
command, so the king had Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego bound and thrown into the fiery furnace
to honor his decree.  So furious was he that these three friends of Daniel would not worship his gods
that he had the furnace heated seven times more than it was wont to be heated. As we recall, the three
men, who went into the fiery furnace singing songs of praise and thanksgiving to their God,  were not
burned by the fire but only their bonds,  along with the men who had thrown them into the furnace,
were destroyed, setting them free.

   The king was suddenly “astonied”  because of what he saw in the furnace: “Did not we cast three
men bound into the midst of the fire ?” he asked of his counselors.  “True, king” they answered him.  
“Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the
fourth is like the Son of God.” (Daniel 3:24-25)   Here is that vision again of the One standing in the
midst of fire that is like unto the Son of God, or the Son of man as John called him.  There was a
presence, in other words, that was of another dimension.

   Daniel himself was favored by all the kings who reigned during his lifetime because “an excellent
spirit was in him,”  and because of his strong faith in his God.   The Median King Darius later on
would have to throw Daniel into the lion’s den to appease the Medes and Persians, who are known for
their unalterable laws, only to spend a sleepless night fasting and in deep repentance hoping that
Daniel’s God would surely deliver him.  He arose early in the morning and went with haste to the lion’
s den crying out remorsefully but hopefully for Daniel, whom he found  quite whole and unharmed.   
He was “exceeding glad” and therefore commanded that those who had made the accusation against
Daniel themselves be fed to the lions, along with their wives and their families.   Further he wrote to all
the peoples of the entire earth that had peace among them and decreed that “in every dominion of my
kingdom men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel: for he is the living God, and steadfast for ever,
and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be even unto the end.”

    It is noteworthy here that throughout this story of Daniel he is placed first over other princes and
governors because of his spirit, which was the spirit of the Lord God whom Daniel worshiped and
sought to represent to the rulers and people of this great empire.  It is also noteworthy that this king,
along with others after him in the story, were constantly torn between their many gods—the gods of
gold, silver, brass, iron, wood and stone—and this One God of Heaven that Daniel worshiped and
obeyed.  Whereas they could not deny the awesome power Daniel’s God bestowed upon him,
particularly over secrets and dreams (it seems the kings of that era had a lot of disturbing dreams), they
would resort to their traditions of placating the gods of their religions so as to assure their kin

   It was always the accusations of the other governors against Daniel and his companions that caused
the king to enforce his own decrees, only to hope in his heart that Daniel’s God would surely deliver
them.  This dynamic makes the story all the more interesting and revealing of human nature antics,
which have not changed much.    For even to this day do men worship their gods of gold, silver, brass,
iron, wood and especially stone which they grind up to make all their buildings and highways.  So do
they also make laws that cannot be broken without paying either with money or one’s life,   the same
laws to be used in bringing down those whom we envy or despise, especially our leaders and elected
officials whom we blame for our troubles.

[In Sacred Anatomy I describe the Pineal gland in the center of the brain as providing the focal
point of entrance and operation in the body temple for the Spirit of Love.  This "white stone" in
King Nebuchadnezzar's dream represents the crystal in the Pineal gland, which actually glows for
several minutes after death.  Let's read on about what else is symbolized, and prophesied, in this

                                              Significance of the Cornerstone

   One of the key elements of the presence of this One who dwells in the midst lies with the secrets
inherent in this “little stone” of the Pineal Body.  The Pineal is  “a stone cut out without hands,”
rejected by men of science for many decades as being insignificant and irrelevant to any important or
vital processes in the body.   This “stone which the builders rejected”. . . “has become the cornerstone of
the temple.”  In truth, it has been so from the beginning. What comes to focus by virtue of this tiny
gland, the Spirit of Love at the physical plane of being,  is even now bringing about a transformation of
the body of humanity. We, and all of the kingdoms of this world, are meant to become the “kingdoms of
our Lord and of His Christ.”  (Rev. 11:15)  

    It is, without a doubt, by perfect divine design that the Pineal Body is situated between the two
lobes of the brain, where all the structures of beliefs, concepts, busy and ambitious thought processes
and images of gold are held sacred so as to be used in building and maintaining this empire and
civilization.   Here this little stone, with its radiant field of love, is in the most strategical position to
strike the great image of this empire of man on its feet made of a mixture of iron and clay.

   The feet symbolize the capacity of understanding.  The image’s feet were made of a mixture of iron
and clay, substances which do not bond together.   They also represent the foundation upon which this
mind-made world stands and the mental understanding as to how it works and is maintained.    As that
foundation crumbles, as it is doing today, all hell breaks loose as disorientation creates havoc. The
foundations of human civilization are synthetic, produced by constructs such as science, politics and
religion.   It is held together, not by the power of love which  governs the natural world, but by the
concepts and beliefs of those who rule the masses, and by the masses who worship these beliefs and

   Those concepts declare, for example, that if someone has something that you need or want, you have
the right to go to war with him and take it from him if you can, and that the lives of young men and
women are dispensable to that cause and end.   The whole world supports this belief.  The whole world
is thus deceived.  The world’s concepts also declare that if someone hates you and seeks to do you harm,
you have the right to hate him back and seek to destroy him first.
   Man’s civilization is governed by the laws of the Medes and Persians, with one exception. The laws
of the Medes and Persians could not be altered.  The laws of this civilization can be changed, and are
changed, when they no longer serve the needs of those who make them.  Fortunately for us the God of
Heaven does not rule his/her king/queendom on the same arbitrary basis, nor out of convenience.   The
ordinances of heaven that govern the kingdoms of this world are absolute and immutable.   They hinge
on the One Law of Love . . . and Love never fails.  Love radiates forth and response leaps to obey its
irresistible attraction.  Community happens, bringing blessings to the whole and to all the parts that
make up this whole, holy world.

    In a word, man’s civilization is founded upon an understanding of how hate, fear and greed can get
us, as individuals and as nations and peoples, just about anything we covet.  The only price we pay is
that we must, upon acquiring it, treasure it with our hearts and guard it with our very lives or else
someone will come along and try to take it from us.  For where one’s treasure is, there one’s heart is as
well.  This is the basis upon which we have established life in this world and have learned  to survive
in it.  It is not the truth of how life is meant to be lived, and deep down inside our heart of hearts we
know that. At deeper levels, hearts desire companionship, trust, meaning.  There would likely be no
coveting were these desires met in us individually and nationally.

     Upon the very altar of our hearts we continue to worship the gods of gold, silver, brass, wood, stone
and now oil, plutonium and the silica of the computer microchip.  In return these gods give us fleeting
power over our worlds and over others. We may praise the God of Heaven on Sundays—and at times
when He comes through for us as in the story of Daniel—but we turn right around and resort to
worshiping these other gods and appeasing them so that they will continue to deliver unto us the
material goods we so earnestly believe will bring us life, liberty, security and happiness.  In so doing we
compromise our hearts and therein defile our  temples.

   This paradigm of understanding is being dismantled and transformed by the Spirit of Love now
intensifying its radiance through the point of focus this little stone, the Pineal Body, provides in the
body temple.   Those who find themselves drawing near to Love and leaving the world to its own
demise are experiencing a transformation the likes of which has never before occurred in the recorded
history of this planet.  Responding to the Spirit of Love, they find themselves drawn toward love and
toward others so responding.  

   As the radiation of Love increases and permeates the cells of the brain, it vibrationally cleanses the
atoms which comprise it.  The Pineal becomes a powerful magnetic center which draws all the atoms in
the human brain into a pattern of service in the temple.  Its bio-magnetic force field,  like a computer
reformat program,  erases programs in the memory engram cells of the brain.  Thought patterns that were
once held sacred for the security they promised are become as iron mixed with clay as they no longer
hold together.  Beliefs that were once worshiped are suddenly seen as shams and levers for manipulation
by commercial advertising and evangelism.   Belief in “the truth” gives way to the actual experience of
truth and the resultant freedom from these limitations

   These sacred thought patterns and beliefs have been established by isolated and competing human
egos. As these old concepts and viewpoints of how the world of man works crumble, giving way to the
new thought patterns born out of love for the LORD God and for one another, our world does not make
sense any longer.  Nothing is certain anymore, as though it ever was.  We just believed it was because of
the structures, the golden images, in our heads.  We are awakening to the stark reality that the LORD of
this world is truly the God of heaven and rules yet;  that until we come to love Him above all and with
all, and our neighbor as ourselves, there is no hope for this civilization;  that oneness is the truth of love
and of life

   As we no longer function out of fear, hate and greed, but begin to function out of  love,  the feet of
this great image continues to crumble, for we the people are the feet of this great civilization,  the “grass
roots” as we are called in the political system.   When we  change the way we see  things and the way
we behave toward God, toward ourselves and one another and toward the natural world, then will the
empires of gold, silver, brass, iron, stone and oil come tumbling down to be blown away by the wind of
spirit in expression through us so that there will not remain even a memory of it.

   The Spirit of Love is even now melting the feet of this golden image in the heart and soul of
humanity through this little stone.  Speaking to us vibrationally through the Pineal, it  is compelling  
us all to listen to its voice and heed its command:   “Love one another.  Do good unto those that hate
you.  Love your enemies.  Do unto others as you would they should do unto you.”

    The Golden Rule is returning to human consciousness, and its power is destroying the “laws of the
Medes and Persians,” all by virtue of the silent presence of Love focused in this tiny gland.  The
changes are occurring in everyone at the same time even as I write because of one thing and one thing
only:   God loves each and every one of us the same and His Spirit of Love, even the Lord of Love who
incarnated 2000 years ago, is with us and has been all these two thousand years.  What he set in motion
then has now come full cycle.   The victory is his and well at hand for those who believe in what he
brought and do what he commanded.  Such are the friends of God.  What he brought was unconditional
love, the One Law upon which all other laws hinge.  He sounded the Tone of unconditional love and
has filled the  Seven Levels of Being with the substance of love. He has opened the Seven Seals that are
even now pouring out radiant currents of love into the hearts of human beings everywhere.  Purification
is underway in the temple of the living God.  (
Sacred Anatomy, pp 77-83)